Friday, 23 September 2011

Fashion baby!

Hi guys! It's finally weekend, don't you love it? I would, if I wasn't lying ill in my bed.. That's right, I haven't been ill for 5 years, and now I am... I am it in the weekend. Anyways, I'll hoop I get better soon! Since I wasn't really in the mood to do anything active or something, I searched the Internet for some nice fashion pics! I'll show them to you later. When I saw all these pictures I knew what I wanted to do! I grabbed some magazines and cutted out as many pics as I liked, and then glued them on an old notebook of mine. When I was finished it did look nice, although you could still see the orange of the notebook on some spots... Anyways, this should be a introduction and it has got really long, so just click on read more if you... well, want to see some more!

Okay, so this is the notebook:

I'm sorry it's such a bad quality! Anyways, I am going to use it to glue nice things in it, things that give me inspiration. I really hope it's going to work!
Well, that was that, now I'm going to show you some pics and then I'm going to sleep I guess... Speak to you later!

I really like the lace and the shorts in her outfit!

Love her dress, necklace, bag... Well everything

Does anyone else have a Paris feeling?

Okay, I'm going to leave it with that, I saw more nice pictures, maar my headache is sooo bad!
Take care, xo


  1. oeh leuuuk! :)
    en beterschap<3

  2. Mooie foto's. Heel veel beterschap! ♥

  3. yeah I´m so happy it´s weekend! :)

    nice blog, check out mine hun *

  4. Beterschap meid!
    Ik volg je volg je me terug?

  5. Looks like a fun project! If only my homework assignment was to glue beautiful pictures together! xoxoxoo


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