Sunday, 18 September 2011

It's a nail thing

Hi guys! I decided to do my posts in english, so more people can read my blog. This is my first post in english and it's all about nails! Curious? Click on read more!

Okay, so I went shopping with my friends, and I saw these three wonderful colours of Essence: 63 - Think Pink, 55 - Let's Get Lost (the blue one) and 26 - Break Through (the purple one). They were only 1.30 so I had to get them! When I came home I did the pink one on my nails, with little stars on my thumbnails. I'm not very good in nail art, so my nails looked like this:

I was kinda curious how people did this nail art thing, so I googled it and looked on weheartit, and I found the most amazing creations! I really don't understand how people can do this things on their nails. I'll show you a couple of these:

Wow, this post has became really long haha, but I hope you enjoyed! I'd like it if you leave a comment. Oh, and by the way, i'm working on a new logo, because my blog is not all about fashion anymore haha!
Have  a great weekend!
xo Tessa


  1. Echt leuke lakjes! Passen goed bij de kleurcodes van dit najaar en ze zijn ook nog budget-proof. :)

  2. aaah leuke lakjes, en die nagels zijn echt gaaf! xoxo

  3. ah, die lakjes zijn echt leuk! :D

  4. Die met bruin en wit zijn echt mooi ;o


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