Monday, 26 September 2011

Fashion on your ipod

Hi! Okay you know i was ill this weekend, so i hadn't had that much things to do in bed. I spended much time on my ipod, and downloaded a lot of apps, mainly fashion apps, for example; d&g and fashion network. On fashion network you can watch a lot of fashion shows and on d&g you can watch shows, pictures and the collection of d&g. Here are a couple of my favorite picks of the d&g show and the collection:

As you can see a lot of colors and letter prints are used in the fashion show. I really like the collection, if i had the money i would really buy them! And you? Hope you enjoyed, xoxo


  1. Wow, leuk dat je dat kan op je ipod!
    Supermooie outfits trouwens :D


  2. ohh I lovee it <3
    nice post!



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