Sunday, 6 November 2011

Autumn colors

Today I had a lazy Sunday (although I was supposed to do my homework...) and I decided to make a look with autumn colors. I don't do that often, I usually just do my regular eyeliner and mascara. But, I want to do this more often, because I quite like it, and I also hope you like to read it at my blog! Anyways, I made this look with Essence African Queen matt eyeshadow as a base, the purple/brown colour from the Fabulous Colour Palette from Miss Sporty, a brown kohlpencil from DA and the volume express mascara from Maybelline. I hope you can see it good enough (I had to make the pictures with my webcam..)! It's not very special, but I quite like the result. Alright, I have to stop now, because I have a test geography tomorrow and I haven't learned yet... I love my motivation. Oh, and I want to see the EMA's tonight, so I'll have to hurry. xo


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