Monday, 14 November 2011

TAG: Whatever makes you happy

I'm a tag person, if that's something you can say haha. So, today I decided to make my own tag, instead of copying others all the time. So here it is, it's about what makes you happy! You can fill it in too, and in times you aren't feeling that well you can read it again, and hopefully it will give you some ideas! If you decide to fill it in, please say so, I'd love to read it.

5 feelgood songs
* Danza Kuduro - Dan Omar ft. Lucenzo
*  Good life - OneRepublic
* Happiness - Alexis Jordan
* Walking on sunshine/halo - Glee
* Fuck you - Lily Allen

5 people that always can make you smile
* my best friend
* my little sister
* my mother
* my other friends and family
* brittany from glee

5 things you love
* my ipod
* my phone
* my laptop
* chocolate
* my clothes

5 things you love to do
* blogging
* shopping
* invent new combinations of clothes
* making pictures
* make new looks with make-up

5 movies you like watching
* twilight
* harry potter
* bridesmaids
* friends with benefits
* scream

Alright, that was it! I hope you liked it for my first tag, xoxo


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