Saturday, 3 December 2011

Package from China

Today I finally got my dotting tools that I had ordered on Ebay! They were only €1.80, and came all the way out of China. I didn't even had to pay shipping costs?! I can't wait until I can try them, but I have just done my nails, and I don't want to get it off so fast. I'll post a review when I have tried them! How is your weekend by the way? Mine is great! I'm going to a friend this afternoon, to watch movies, and give eachother presents for "sinterklaas", that's a dutch thing. Tomorrow I will celebrate it with my family haha, so a lot of presents for me! I love presents haha. Enjoy your weekend, xoxo


  1. leuke bestelling.
    ik wil ook graag dotting tools.

  2. Wat een leuke bestelling zeg! Die dotting tolls zien er echt mooi uit, ze lijken me ook erg fijn om mee te werken!

  3. zo'n dotting tools lijkt me echt handig

  4. leuk! wil zelf ook graag dottingtools. en lekker cheap. ;D


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