Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Daily used products

These are the products I really use every day. For a long time I also used foundation every day, but I decided to invest in skinproducts instead. So, the products I use every day are:
  • Peel soft scrub from Nivea. This really makes my skin look better, less impurities and it makes my skin softer! Very nice. :)
  • My Skin moisturizing cream-gel from Essence. I use this as my day cream. It's really fresh, with a smell of cucumber, so it's nice to use it when I'm still tired..
  • Strawberry Kiss Labello. I've had many different lipbalms, but this is definitely my favourite! It smells like strawberries, it makes my lips less dry and gives them even a subtile red color. 
  • Define a lash mascara from Maybelline New York. Especially in combination with a lash curler makes this mascara my eyelashes longer, and it curls them a bit.
  • Contour clubbing eyepencil from Bourjois. It's waterproof, and it really stays the whole day!
So, this are the products I use every day! If you want to see a review of any of these, just ask! I know this is   a bit short post, but I'm really busy with school, and I really wanted to post something today. Also, I hope you don't mind I haven't done this post in dutch as well! My next post will be in dutch and english again, promise. :)