Thursday, 6 October 2011

Enjoying the good life

Hi guys! This week and the coming weeks I've been/will be very busy, so I don't have much time left to make new posts. As you know I've been to Zeeland from Sunday till Tuesday. We really had to work and cycle a lot, so when I came home I was really tired! The next day and this day I had to go to school till 4 o'clock, so that was also very tiring AND my teachers gave us a lot of homework and tests because next week I'm going to Germany! I'm going to sleep with a host family, and the girl of that family is also coming here in May. She is really nice, and I'm really looking forward to it! But after the week in Germany we also have a lot of tests, because the week after it's vacation, and I am going to Italy! My family has a house there, in the mountains. This vacation I'm also going to Milan with my mother, two aunts and nephew. We are going to stay in a very nice appartment and it is going to be great I think! I'm going to shop a lot haha.
But okay you won't hear from me for a long time, I'm sorry! I'll try to make a couple of posts before I leave but I don't know if I can manage it. xoxo Tessa


  1. Wauw, wat een gave tijd ga je tegemoet. Behalve al die proefwerken dan :P veel plezier maar vast.

  2. You're going to Germany?! That sound so exciting! xoxoxo


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