Monday, 17 October 2011

Germany exhange!

Hi! Okay, it's now 3 days ago i came from Germany, and I still haven't told you everything! Shame on me. That's why I'll tell you guys all about it now.

After a long bus trip we were there in the evening. We got a drink in the school, and then went with our host families to their homes. I unpacked my stuff and then got dinner. After that we had our first party. It wasn't a real party, but everyone was talking with eachother to get to know eachother better. It was nice.

On monday we had a couple of lessons (in English). We were finished quite early, so me, a couple of friends and our exchange partners went to shop in Heilbronn. That was where I bought my shoes! We ate in the city and then went straight on to go bowling with school. It was nice, but I sucked very hard in it! No, really, I threw twice on the wrong bowling lane... 

Then we went to the castle of Heidelberg on Tuesday. I didn't really find that interesting. After that we had 3 hours shoppingtime, and of course I did like that haha! In the evening we had a party again.

On wednesday we went to Karlsruhe. We made questions about the palace etc. Then we went to kind of climb in the trees, and I found it very scary, because I'm a bit afraid of heights (it's not me on the picture).

On Thursday we had lessons again. Then we had our last party and on Friday morning we had to leave... It was a really nice trip though! Hope you enjoyed reading this a bit haha. xo


  1. Superleuk dat je meedoet met de winactie, maar volgens mij heb je de enquete niet goed ingevuld want ik heb je er niet bij staan. misschien heb je niet op verzenden geklikt?:$

    en het zou heel gaaf zijn als je mijn winactie bij de andere give aways zet!

  2. Leuke foto's :)
    En wat leuk dat je op uitwisseling bent geweest :D

    liefs' Armani xx

  3. Lijkt me zo gaaf zo'n uitwisselings programma. Dat werd bij mij op school helaas nooit georganiseerd. Ziet er echt supergezellig uit :)


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