Monday, 3 October 2011

Morning rituals

Hello guys! I'm back from Zeeland! I'll tell you more about it later, but now I'm going to tell you how my morning ritual goes.

The stuff that I use:

Step 1: Clean your face with some water. It looks like this now:

Step 2: Use foundation on the spots where you need it, not on your whole face! Make sure that the foundation is your color. I use 20 soft nude from Essence. It looks like this now (there's not a big difference because I didn't need that much foundation):

Step 3: Use eyeliner to make lines under and above your eyes. I use Essence long lasting eye pencil, and I think it's really good. 

Step 4: Curl your eyelashes and add mascara. I use 3 mascara's: Maxfactor false lash effect, Maybelline define - a - lash and Maybelline One by One. On the picture I used the one of Maxfactor.

And that's it! I do this everyday, so I can do it in maximum 10 minutes. Hope you enjoyed! xo


  1. Leuke post, zo ziet mijn ochtend ritueel er ook een beetje uit. Allen ik gebruik ook nog een lipbalm. :)

  2. je hebt zulke mooie ogen:) Je lijkt net een popje ^^ Leuke post!

    Farah from FASHIONFABRICE.

  3. Superleuk.
    mooi meisje ben je!

    ik volg je.


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