Saturday, 1 October 2011

National Glamour Day!

Hi! Today it was national glamour day in the Netherlands (glamour is a magazine). You could get 20% discount in some shops if you showed the glamour! If you had a glamour gold card, which you get when you subscribe to the glamour, you could get even more discount and little gifts (too bad i didn't had one). I'll show you a shoplog of what i bought today! 

Basic white waistcoat - H&M - 14,99 5,60

Brown winter coat - Men_At_Work - €100,- €80,-

White/black shirt - New Yorker - €17,- €13,60

Feather necklace - Pieces - €13,40 €10,40

Little bag - Six - 15,- €12,-

I directly made a look with the waist coat, shirt and feather necklace! 

Bye guys, hoped you liked it! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, xoxo


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