Sunday, 30 October 2011

Favorite item autumn #2

little leather bag

I got this bag last year as a present of my dad. He took it for me out of Rome. I really like it, but unfortunately I don't have much to combine it with. Well... I'll just have to buy new matching clothes than! That's too bad, haha! I'm by the way back from Italy, and it was really nice. I'll tell you more about it later! xo


  1. It's so sweet of your dad! What a lovely bag! I think it will pretty much go with any outfit Tesssa! xoxoxoo

  2. Wat een leuk tasje, en wat lief van je vader!

  3. aah wat aardig, hij is echt leuuuk! :)
    haha goede rede om nieuwe kleren te kopen ;D

  4. Wat een mooie tas! :D

    liefs' Armani xx

  5. Wat lief zeg dat je deze tas van hem kreeg. Hij is echt gaaf!


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